Dear Reader,

In case you are wondering if this page is pro-one or the other warring faction in Afghanistan let me assure you that this is an Afghan web, for the Afghans by the Afghans.

Regarding the Taliban:
We condemn the Taliban's oppressive, big brother style anachronism and women apartheid that has been superimposed over the man, women and child of Afghanistan. The Taliban and their regional supporters have to realize that sooner or later the people of Afghanistan will stand up to their oppression and they will end up like the Soviets -- hunted and driven out of the land of the free.

Regarding the Northern Alliance:
We equally condemn the rapists, treacherous, and powermongering thugs of the Northern Alliance (Shora-e-Nazar,Glemjam, Wahdat, Massoud supporters etc) who are driven by greed and satanic temptations. Their regin of terror in early ninties opened a new chapter of un-abashed and unprecedented rape and genocide of the people of Afghanistan. We condemn the media savvy opportunistic peddlers of this gang who are now pretending to be the champions of "peace, democracy" and "women rights" in Afghanistan. These are the same very thugs, criminals and rapists whose atrocities in Afghanistan filled volumes of amnesty reports.

Regarding the Loya Jirga:
We condemn the peddlers of the so called Loya Girga (Grand Assembly) who, like a band of Gypsies, are frequenting the intelligence agencies of the regional powers and, for the right price, are offering to set camp and make a mockery of the once sacred means of conflict resolution in contemporary and historic Afghanistan. We condemn that the same bandits (Northern Allicane), criminals are sitting in the Parlament and deciding over what is best for Afghans and Afghanistan.

Regarding the "Fundamentalist Terrorists" :
We condemn the Fundamentalist Terrorist groups (Bin Laden and the whole gang of social outcasts) who are using the sacred land of Afghans for their own criminal and cowardly designs. We also would like to point out that the legacy of the so called Arab Mojahedin in the Afghan Jihad was none other but that of a bunch of religious zealots or rich baby sheikhs who used the trip to the Afghan border (sometimes to a camp close to the border) as mere Safari to feel good about themselves. The decadent political doctrine that they brought with them proved to be a much more lethal venom than their own worthless sight seeing presence in the Afghan scene. Fundamentalism and religious zeal in all its shapes and forms are a deadly cancer that is eating away into the very fabric of the Muslim world.

Regarding the Regional Vultures (our neighbours):
We condemn the Pakistani policy makers who are no less evil to the Afghans than the Serbians are to the Kosovars. Their willful, evil and most malicious manipulation of the Afghan crisis has prolonged the tragedy for decades. We condemn the Iranian hypocritcal clergy who are eyeing our sovereign territory with the eyes of a thief who is about to steal from none other but his very neighbor.

Regarding the Royal Camp:
And finally, just in case you are pondering that the page may be a flag ship of the so called "royalist" groups, let me assure you that apart from some nostalgic "heirlooms" of the days that are no more, this web page is anything but Royalist. Indeed, like so many Afghans, we have developed a bad case of "Royal" Freezer Burn, the side effect of being callously ignored and left out to fend for ourselves while facing an overwhelming adversary.

Regarding the foreign troops in Afghanistan:
Afghanistan needs to be left alone. Where in the world has there been true progress when the UN, US and their allies have stepped in? Let Afghans determine their own future!

So What is It that We Want:
We only want Peace, unity and solidarity in Afghanistan. We want peaceful co-existence, justice and freedom for pursuits of happiness for all the people of Afghanistan who have all suffered long and hard and need time to heal and rebuild. Finally, we strongly believe in the seperation of the Mosque and State. Mosque is NO place for politics and thus we believe in a progressive, modern and SECULAR Afghanistan that should be well on its way to become an active member of the brave new millenium of human endeavors.

Afghanistan Today Web Coordinator