NGO's & Aid Orgs in Afghanistan

The Who is Who of Afghanistan Related NGOs
and Aid Organizations

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French Speaking NGOs in Afghanistan 
An information service provided by AFRANE and the CEREDAF (Paris) 
about Afghanistan and NGOs from the French-speaking area active 
in Afghanistan. This service can be accessed by clicking  here 

AFRANE publishes a quaterly in French 'Nouvelles d'Afghanistan' and 
CEREDAF (also in Paris) publishes a monthly press review about 
Afghanistan, called 'Bulletin du CEREDAF'.

This page has a list of addresses of all other French speaking NGOs
active in Afghanistan. This page can be reached by clicking 

 Help the Afghan Children 
In their own words,
"We are a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to the children 
of Afghanistan both in the refugee camps and inside Afghanistan.  We are 
Help The Afghan Children, Inc.  We are located in the Washington metropolitan 
 Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees 

This site contains the 1995-annual report from DACAAR (Danish 
Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees). DACAAR is one of the major 
NGO's providing assistance to reconstruction and development of 
Afghanistan. Annual turnover in 1995 was close to 9 mill. US$, and 
total number of staff numbered in excess of 2.500. Sectors covered 
are: drinking water supply, road repair, irrigation, rehabilitation 
of schools and other public building, production of concrete roofing 
beams, agricultural development, seed multiplication and distribution 

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